Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sandcastle Days - October 20-24 2010 - South Padre Texas

This is the pile of sand that will be used for the group carve

Here we are working on the group carve - this is the sculpture that has all the companies logos on it that are sponsers

Here are my forms that I brought with me to the competition, I am ready to start!

This is Day 1 around noon - this is after 3hrs after starting im half way done with forms. Mine is one on far right.

Day 1 - Started to carve on the top at 3 pm today.  We have 3 more days to finish.

End of Day 1 - I took this shot looking down the row so you can see the other builders.

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  1. Do you ever worry about vandals coming in the night and wrecking the sculptures? we would be camping there ;) Can't wait to see what evolves!

    -Bully and Nelson